Angelina Jolie’s controversial remarks that made Brad Pitt ‘uncomfortable’ during shoot

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were smitten by each other on the sets of Mr and Mrs Smith, which sadly, also marked the end of the actor’s marriage with Jennifer Aniston.

As it seems, a lot happened on the sets of the movie, from sparks flying between the two lead actors, to Jolie making scandalous comments leaving the film’s director Doug Liman and Pitt in utter shock.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly in 2005, Liman had confessed that filming intimate scenes was awkward for him for he came from “a relatively uptight family.”

When asked if the actors were uptight about it too, Liman said, “They were pretty comfortable with it. I mean, I think Brad and I were more uncomfortable, ’cause she’s such a force to be reckoned with. Occasionally she’d make a comment and both of us would be like, Whoa!”

He went on to share an example stating that Jolie was “shocking sexually.” Angie liked being the person who was least embarrassed, the director added.

Liman also revealed that he, at one point, discussed with Dave Matalon [who runs Regency] on how to dial down the intensity of the romance scenes, so as to not leave Jennifer Aniston’s fans upset.

“Look, I’m honestly worried about the Jennifer Aniston fans out there. I don’t want to lose that little niche audience of people who are huge Jennifer Aniston fans who are going to hate Angelina Jolie if the scene is too sexy,” he quoted Matalon as saying. 

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