Q: I have a great idea for a show. How do I submit ideas?

A: There is an email address [email protected] that is for this purpose specifically. There’s also a link at the home page “Sell your Program” which is also helpful in this regard.

Q: How can I participate in a particular program?

A: E-mail is the best way to get in touch with the production team. Each program has its own e-mail address [click here to contact us]. Also, regular mail to the concerned production be it in Karachi, Lahore or elsewhere works. Each audience based production maintains a database of people who have attended their programs (both as panelists and audience members). If you register via e-mail, cards will be sent to your home/work address before each recording

Q: How can I SUBSCRIBE or UNSUBSCRIBE “NewsAlert” or other mailing lists at GEO website

A: You can SUBSCRIBE or UNSUBSCRIBE “NewsAlert” or other mailing lists at TRT website by clicking this link: https://www.trtworldnews.com/subs/default.asp However, after submitting your info at the above mentioned URL you may need to wait for 2-3 days for the database to be updated.

Q: I’m reluctant to give out any personal information. What do you use it for?

A: TRT respects your personal information and uses for its internal purposes only. Your personal information is used just to serve you in a better way and to let you know new features and offers by GEO and its website. We do not share your personal information with any third party for any purpose.

Q: visited your website and could only see yesterday’s news. What’s that?

A: TRT Website is updated around-the-clock and you might be seeing old content due to your browser’s cache. Please clear your browser’s cache and Refresh/Reload the page with a combination of [CTRL +F5] i.e. while holding the CTRL key and pressing F5 .

Q: Today I logged on your website and found that three days old schedule is being displayed. Why don’t you update the site daily?

A: You are seeing three days old schedule only because of the web browser’s cache. Please clear the cache of your browser and reload the page with the help of CTRL+F5 keys combination

Q: I tried pressing [CTRL+F5] but it still doesn’t work.

A: Normally clearing and browser’s cache and pressing [CTRL+F5] solves the problem. However, if you still have the same problem, you will need to contact your ISP/Network Administrator