Prince Charles’s ascension to throne could raise new risks for monarchy

Prince Charles will be urged to give up the monarchy in Australia after he takes over the throne from his mother Queen Elizabeth II.

Historian Jenny Hocking spoke to Express about how the end of monarchy in Australia is not pushed to a great degree for republicanism in the current era of Queen Elizabeth because she is a well-respected head of state.

She went on to say that things might change drastically once Prince Charles ascends to the throne as gender too plays a huge role in the public’s interest.

Back in 1999, 54.87 percent of Australians voted through a referendum to keep the British monarch as the head of state but a recent poll by YouGov claims that nearly 62 percent of Australians are against the idea and are in favour of having an Australian as their head of state.

Hocking said that in Australia, the majority is always for republicanism.

“What I think will have a big impact here is the inevitable fact of the Queen’s death and coming under a new monarch of King Charles,” she said.

“We’ve all grown up with the Queen seen as a very benign and proper and much respected monarch. But I think that when we shift to a more ‒ and gender has a certain amount to do with it ‒ when we shift to having a King Charles over the Australian people, King Charles of Australia, I do think people will think again.”

“It’s an opportunity for people to think again about whether that might be the right time to start to move to a republic,” she said.

“I also think there is a strong view in the community that some people feel we shouldn’t move in that direction while the Queen is still alive, more as a respect thing than a substantive aspect,” she continued. 

“But I think all of those things play into the suggestion that a valid timeline might be one that comes about as King Charles of Australia comes out as the next ruling head of state,” she added.

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